June 18, 2024

About Me

Hey there! Welcome to Internet Kirikkale, a platform where you can express any of your feelings on gambling anytime. My name is Manuel Smith  I decided to create website on gambling because of my interest in it. I started off by constantly sharing tips with my friends whenever we met up, then one day I thought to myself, why not start a media platform where we can input our opinions in? Thus, the birth of Internet Kirkikkale, a place where anyone with similar interest can gather and communicate.

Internet Kirikikkalewas first created because of my passion in writing and gambling, however we are hoping that managing this website will be my full time career. Hence, I am hoping that you, as a reader, will be very kind to me to offer me any feedback or comments on my writing, and I am hoping that you will find yourself filled with knowledge by the things that I write in this website. If this website becomes successful, I will make sure that the content I write will be much more engaging and fun to learn.

If you have anymore suggestions to improve my site, please do not hestitate to contact me by filling the form above this!

Thank you for the unwavering support over the past few years! 🙂